A Rant About Egos and Martyrs

  • People who park backwards into a parking space and make others watch for minutes as they accomplish this task.
  • People who don’t realize just how cramped planes are already and insist on reclining their seats.
  • People who talk loudly on their mobile phones while in a line checking out.
  • People who are reckless on the road, with people’s time, or anything else for that matter.
  1. Egos
  2. Martyrs
  • He/She believes they are God’s gift to your organization.
  • He/She always believes they are underpaid.
  • He/She doesn’t think the organization will survive without them.
  • He/She has a very difficult time being humble.
  • He/She works in a silo.
  • He/She tends to swell rather than grow.
  • He/She believes they work harder than any other team member.
  • He/She works hard but not necessarily smart.
  • He/She doesn’t understand the importance of a team.
  • He/She is on a pedestal.
  • He/She manages others through fear.
  • He/She manipulates others by over exaggerating their workload.



Founder and CEO at Ethos3 — https://ethos3.com. Host of the Primal Presenter podcast. Passionate about helping people become better communicators.

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